Frequently Asked Questions

Should I talk to the police?

Get legal advice. Generally speaking, do not give them any statement at all. If they want to arrest you, let them arrest you. Exercise your constitutional right to remain silent. Allow your lawyer to deal with the police and the courts and do not give the police any information.

Will I need to attend court?

Generally, not if you have a lawyer. Your lawyer will attend your appearances for you, and will tell you when you need to attend personally.

Are lawyers expensive?

Speak to your preferred lawyer. Our office prides itself on reasonable fees and allowing for flexible payment plans to suit most budgets.

What is bail?

Bail is pre-trial release, and is generally agreed to by the prosecutor in most cases. In cases where the prosecutor is contesting bail, it is imperative to get a lawyer for this stage.

What is disclosure?

Disclosure is the Crown’s case against you. Your lawyer will receive it from the prosecutor, and should go over it with you in detail.

Should I plead guilty?

You should seek significant legal advice, tailored to your specific case, with regard to whether to plead guilty to your charges or whether you should fight the charges (i.e. a trial). There are typically significant consequences attaching to both options, along with significant risks. You need to make an informed decision as to which route to take, and you require skilled, expert legal advice for this.

What are appeals?

If you are unhappy with the result in court, you generally have the option to appeal. You will most certainly require a knowledgeable, experienced appeal lawyer for this stage. Our office prides itself on its appeal record.


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