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My name is Efrayim Moldofsky, and I am a criminal defence lawyer in Calgary, Alberta, with 4 years of experience. I moved to Calgary from Toronto for law school, following a BA in sociology from Ryerson University. I have my own criminal defence practice based in Calgary. I work in Calgary and surrounding areas – often as far as Medicine Hat. I write my musings here about my work, life and whatever else strikes my fancy.

The opinions stated on this blog are my own. They are not legal advice.

If you need legal advice, I recommend you call a lawyer. If you are looking to contact me for legal advice on a criminal law matter in Alberta, I can be reached at (587) 889-3446. I can also be reached by email at Efrayim@MoldofskyLaw.ca.

I appreciate feedback on posts, if you feel inclined to comment.

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