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Efrayim Moldofsky is a criminal defence lawyer in Calgary, Alberta

with 5 years of experience. I moved to Calgary from Toronto for law school, following a BA in sociology from Ryerson University. I have my own criminal defence practice based in Calgary. I work in Calgary and surrounding areas – often as far as Medicine Hat.

I have had extensive experience over the last 5 years as a sole practitioner and associate working in criminal defence work. I find myself gravitating to written advocacy as well as trial work. I have conducted dozens of trials and have had carriage of many hundreds of files to date. I pride myself on my communication, civility, service to clients, and continuing education.

I also pride myself on my appeal experience – twenty appearances and counting at Alberta’s highest court, and nearly 100 appeal court appearances in total. I have had success at all levels of court in Alberta.

If you need legal advice, I recommend you call a lawyer. If you are looking to contact me for legal advice on a criminal law matter in Alberta, I can be reached at (587) 889-3446. I can also be reached by email at Efrayim@MoldofskyLaw.ca.

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The opinions stated on this blog are my own. They are not legal advice. I appreciate feedback on posts, if you feel inclined to comment.

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